At GOLDeal we understand that success is rarely a ‘Solo’ game –
we are constantly expanding our network of partners, performers
and specialists.

We support all investments with extensive analysis and market research –
our success is not a coincidence but the effect of a carefully selected strategy.

The GOLDeal investment offer allows you to be part of this success with a minimal risk.

The list below is just a few of the relationships we actively establish.

Developers and Flipers

We offer contracting services or joint project collaboration depending
on the needs.

Real Estate Agencies

We are willing to cooperate in the purchase and sale of real estate
and construction sites that meet our requirements.
We offer a quick cash purchase process supervised by professionals.
We can save you time and money by buying land and houses right away
without unnecessary marketing.

Intermediation / Representation

Brexit has significantly complicated international business and hindered
the flow of goods in Europe.
If you are planning to create a representative office or branch of your company
in United Kingdom, we can help you with this.
Our extensive experience makes us an excellent and versatile partner – depending on the needs, we can help in a wide range of tasks.
Finding the right premises, legal aid, market analysis, and subsequent property services are just few of the available options.


Regardless of whether you are an individual contractor or a developed, global construction company – we want to cooperate with you.
We can offer contracts for our own projects and also act as a partner
or subcontractor for your projects.

If you are looking for an honest, committed and experienced business partner

Contact Us!