About Us

GOLDeal is a dynamically growing developer, project contractor, and a specialist in the ‘Fit-Out’ industry.

A mixture of immense passion, attention to detail and reliable, hard work driven by decades of experience allows us to turn every vision into SUCCESS.

According to a study by Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, Britain is struggling with a housing deficit of 1.2 million households.

At the current rate of housing development it will take 15 years to meet the required demand.

GOLDeal’s development mission is to support the British community in the fight against the constant housing deficit.

We meet the expectations of local councils by providing the necessary real estate, thereby reducing private and affordable home shortage.
We focus on building high-quality houses, as well as restoring abandoned and neglected properties back to habitable state.

Our contracting services include a full range of works related to the construction and arrangement of the building such as: plastering, painting, tiling, wallpapering, bricklaying, installations, carpentry, transport services and a lot with much under the supervision of qualified staff.
We also offer full project management and professional advice – if you know ‘What’ but not exactly ‘How’, look no further – GOLDeal is your perfect investment partner.

We have an exceptional supply chain and access to an international network of specialists, partners, architects and lawyers through our Polish sister company – Zlote Rece.
If you share our passion, energy, commitment and values, we sincerely invite you to become our partner.

2011 ZŁOTE RĘCE was founded 2013 fit-out projects for Accenture, PKP and Samsung (3,500 sq m of office space) 2014 purchase and reconstruction of real estate for a DIY store in Żychlin 2015 opening of the PSB Mrówka DIY store in Żychlin 2016 GOLDeal Limited is established 2017 fit-out works for Fujitsu and Accenture (5,000 sq m of office space) 2018 purchase of the first real estate in Great Britain 2019 purchase of a second property in Great Britain 2019 exceeding £ 4M of annual Golden Hands turnover 2019 purchase 60% of shares in a tenement house located in Łódź, Wojska Polskiego ST , 24 2019 fit-out projects for Wienerberger, UNIQA and UPS (7,000 sq m of office space) 2019 Establishment of ZR Inwestycje LLC; emergence of ZŁOTE RĘCE GROUP 2020 purchase of next four properties in Great Britain 2020 exceeding £ 5M of annual turnover of the ZŁOTE RĘCE GROUP 2020 contract for the purchase of 100% shares in a tenement house located in Łódź, Kopcińskiego ST, 57 2020 expansion of GOLDeal Ltd activity with multi-sector "Fit-out" works 2020 construction and fit-out arrangement works as main contractor for NFZ, MOBICA, TAKEDA (10,000 sq m of office space) 2020 Establishment of ZR Nieruchomości LLC 2021 purchase of five properties and two investment areas in Great Britain 2021 purchase 100% of shares in a tenement house located in Łódź, 7 Żytnia ST 2021 Złote Ręce is celebrating its 10th anniversary! 2021 purchase of a tenement house located in Łódź, at ul. Romana 12 2021 The Złote Ręce company received the Special Award of the Dobra Firma 2021 plebiscite! 2021 fit-out projects for Barry Callebaut, Liberty Motors, OKAM, Luppo Puppo, EPP (over 6000 sq m of office space)